Business sustainability and ethics

Managerial affairs have consumed a sizeable chunk of my life. Over that time, lessons have been learnt and a wealth of wisdom accumulated all in the purposeful pursuit to perfect the art of philosophically being the professional commerce prophet I profoundly preached to be in practice.

Personally, the sincerest, soundest and sagacious suggestion which I ever received was the concept that you’d never comfortably be able to live with your actions if you not only failed to deal the deed justice but equally and perhaps most importantly to deal justice to the various aspects enmeshed and embedded with the overall deed.

A leader without a morally virtuous ethical stance towards sustainability in this era is someone who in my mind would find it agonizingly impossible to sleep with their choices at night. Sustainability, even in the world of trade and markets is about satisfying the demands of today without detrimentally impacting upon the necessities of future generations. It involves actively and passionately engaging with the entire business process from manufacture to end user, whilst being more efficient, using cleaner production methods, maximizing resources and minimizing waste.

For small businesses and large corporations, performance is no longer simply about merely financial returns – it encompasses corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities that reflect a respect towards not only resources and the environment but also the community, indigenous groups and other sentient non-human specimens.

Firms recognize that the new ‘ethical’ customers are choosing suppliers with environmental, social and cultural values and practices similar to their own. Organizations with sustainability strategies not only save money but benefit from an improved image and reputation through their social initiatives and corporate citizenship.

Business, society and the environment are no longer separate entities but areas which increasingly intertwine requiring a new moral entrepreneurial corporate strategy to harmoniously manage a happy equilibrium of this complex and consistently complicated paradoxical polygamous partnership. It is absolutely imperative to analyze the changing responsibilities of business at organization, national and global levels.

On the same note, we must all considerately commence to carefully consider the impact of climate change, globalization, and consumerism and identify ways in which business organizations respond ethically to the needs of society and the environment.

Sustainable future economies must examine business and sustainability theory, the implications for a business if it pursues sustainability goals, and measuring and monitoring sustainability in business, supply chains and related institutions in ever greater depth if productivity is to be accomplished yet at the peril of natural and Cultural depletion or dear I say devastating demise.

An interest in sustainability can be illustrated in everyday actions such as reusing goods, recycling materials and minimizing waste; as well as conserving energy and caring for our natural environment.

Business and Sustainability attracts anyone who wants to make a genuine difference in the world we live in and look after it for future generations. So where do I, a dirty deadly diabolical carbon emitting cretin stand in all this? While I’ve played my heinous villainous role in the insatiable thirst for oil gobbling I like to see myself as a Closet Greenie just waiting for the right moment to come out.

In an enterprise to maximize service while minimizing gas guzzling and excessively unnecessary heavy commercial vehicle road hogging I have set up a business model which ensures that service providers whom frequently pass one another during similar rounds effectively no longer have to. This brotherly and sisterly alliance of mutual importance means that our runs are diverse and never dull while our clients and sub’s get ALL their wants in one swift speedy drop.

The benefits to ourselves include an extended fleet network, increased cartage capacity, better delivery times, the chance to build new affiliate and trade circles and of course savings to fuel consumption, road user KMs and naturally vehicles maintenance and upkeep. All while feeling a little bit like Captain Planet at the end of our day in the ethical efforts we have undertaken to be ecofriendly operators in one of the dirtiest businesses in the game.

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