February 13 and 14 Global Divestment Day

On February 13th and 14th, in the run up to crucial climate talks on Paris, we invite you to be part of the global divestment movement. The fossil fuel industry has our political process in shackles with its financial might, but we have the power to hurt them where it hurts.

Divestment is the opposite of an investment, it simply means getting rid of stocks, bonds or investment funds that are unethical or morally ambiguous. This means taking your money away from fossil fuels investments.

Divestment isn’t primarily an economic strategy, but a moral and political one. Just like in the fight to end Apartheid in South Africa, the more we can make climate change a deeply moral issue, the more we will push society towards action.

If you want to find an event to join, you can go to gofossilfree.org


1 thought on “February 13 and 14 Global Divestment Day

  1. The underpinnings of Divestment, while wellborn, in manner nonetheless will be lobbied by the Goliaths of state and enterprise as being an infeasibly altruistic benchmark to set. Magnanimous, that it may be, the virtues of supporting a prohumanity position are constitutionally devoid and almost entirelyabsent in the modern economic system which presently reigns with an oily tight iron grip. Amity and benevolence do not form part of the lexicon of the current free markets or so that’s how it appears to be. Though contestable, it could be justifiably argued that there are still no friends when it comes to doing business based on the present kill or be killed standard. It is as savagely prehistoric a principle as if one were giving up legumes and greens to hit it out on a cavemanesque palio dietary subsistence. I certainly do not like the idea of a one size fits all kind of regulatory existence. While mooting their motion and seconding your own, i do feel that my hopeless lean towards romanticism and my idealistic nature do not reverberate back in the world of the realist and indeed the rationalist. With the modernisation of ever more previously harmlessly stagnant or backward states it is unlikely that traditional market kings, princes and princesses are going to retract their foot away from the gas peddle. These formerly unmenacing quaint time locked nations with, what i may add, rather bountiful numerical numbers and an unrivalled European fertility rate, are now a direct threat towards previously largely assurable assets. So the modern myth making goes. These internal insecurities stem from the reality that the Occidental throne is now under the pump and sentiments of liability are slowly bubbling their way up to the surface in the unbelievably antediluvian crude soaked realms of the Western kingdoms of Europa, America and Australasia. Equity, social parity and neighbourly comity are wondrous aspirations. However, compassion and charity will never be afforded if we in the West continue to Other the umm others.

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