Pedal Upcycle, giving a second life to your ride

Are you in Australia and planning to upgrade your bicycle? There is a very interesting partnership between 99 Bikes and Bikes 4 Life.

Until January 2015 you can buy a new Pedal bike from $199 when you upcycle your old bike. You can go to any 99 Bikes store to receive a great discount and at the same time help underprivileged people with a new bike.

In remote areas having a bicycle is not only a means of transport, which is very important, but it can also help to provide a better access to food, water and medicine. All bikes donated will be refurbished by Bikes 4 Life and later will be shipped to Uganda and to a remote indigenous Australian community.

If you just want to donate a bike, you can do it directly with Bikes 4 Life at any of their weekly workshops in Melbourne or Sydney.

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