Let’s support “Ceres Fair Food” Crowdfunding campaign (Melbourne, Australia)

Our favorite fair food delivery is getting an upgrade, they are looking to enhance their current system of administration and sales.

Ceres Fair Food, is an Australian food delivery system, which provide costumers with great organic/local products. They have a great stock of vegetables, dairy and food related items. They are working really hard to provide an amazing service and have many local producers working with them. They want to help communities to thrive as farmers and healthy eaters.


We used to buy their products, picking up our boxes from a host, a neighbor which had enough space to store for a day boxes for all their neighbors who decided to buy with the carbon neutral system from Ceres.


The competition is though and Woolies and Coles are huge competitors, so Ceres Fair Food is making this upgrade so they can monitor and administrate in a better way their sales. They will buy a new software and we, the costumers, will benefit from it, buying faster and making decisions easier (from prices to swapping veggies from our boxes)

If you live in Melbourne, and you love fair and organic/local produced food, please support this project, you can find more info in the crowdfunding page in StartSomeGood.com


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